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Covid19 update

A message from our Chief Executive, Lizz Jones, on our response to Covid19.
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Remember when work still looked like this?  It seems like an age ago, and yet we are already emerging into the “new normal” that the Covid19 crisis has brought us into.


So I wanted to bring you all up to date with how we are managing the continuity of our service and operations both during this time, and also beyond the immediate time-frame.  We believe we are taking a proactive stance to meet the changing needs of our clients and the nature in which we find ourselves now working. 


Let me lay out our plans over the next few weeks and months.

Using technology to enable us to deliver our existing programmes 

We have invested in webinar platforms and functionality, so that our existing provisions can continue to be delivered, despite when staff are working in isolation.  This includes our signature programmes:

•    Developing Leadership Teams
•    Developing Leaders to Develop Teams
•    Developing Leaders to Develop Individuals


We have reconfigured the delivery of these programmes to suit an online environment, incorporating some of the challenges that current working conditions present.

Developing Teams UoL SOTA
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Bringing our expertise in Employee Engagement to support your return to work strategies. 


In particular, we have been developing a range of support to help leaders make the transition back to “normal working” as quickly and smoothly as possible when your own internal resources are stretched to the limit.

In addition, we will host a series of webinar-based discussion groups and action learning sets on dealing with the challenges that the transition back to “normal” will present.  

Offering “The Positive Approach” as a free series of webinars to support people, wherever they find themselves. 


This programme helps people understand how they can lead happier and more fulfilled lives.  We have tailored this into a series of bite-sized sessions aimed at coping with the challenges that the current situation creates.  For ease of access to everyone, these are being hosted via Facebook livestream, although we can also host closed programmes for larger organisations using other webinar platforms.

TPA at HH for EHU
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We're still coaching! 

Our coaching provision has continued uninterrupted, and many clients are now switching to our webinar platform and the added functionality that this provides. 


Please allow plenty of time and book ahead for these sessions, as we have noticed an increased uptake in demand over the past few weeks.

And finally... 

I would really encourage you all to keep the conversation going with us so that we can help you with some of the changing demands faced by many organisations.  If there is anything specific that you feel we can help with, just get in touch.  We would welcome the opportunity to share more of our ideas with you as your own plans develop.  We are committed to keeping our own colleagues, and yours, safe and well - both in their physical and mental well being


Most importantly, I genuinely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Lizz x

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