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Welcome to Tallant Jones – Your Partner in Empowering Organisations.

At Tallant Jones, we specialise in consultancy support and services for organisations aiming to improve staff performance in the higher education and health sectors, including several universities and NHS Trusts across the UK.  The core of our expertise lies in developing Employee Engagement, where we strive to unlock the full potential of your workforce.  We understand the unique needs of every organisation, and craft tailored strategies that foster involvement, dedication, and a sense of value within each individual.

Our work focuses around 3 key themes:

Organisational Culture  We shape a culture that embodies your values, encourages innovation, and fosters inclusivity, paving the way for sustained growth.

Leadership Development  Effective leadership is crucial for organisational success.  We work closely with your leaders, cultivating behaviours and mindsets that inspire growth and resilience.

Team Dynamics  By understanding the complexities of successful teams, we create a harmonious and collaborative environment that harnesses collective strengths and promotes open communication.


Explore our range of programs and services on this page and discover how Tallant Jones can unlock the potential within your team, strengthen your leadership, fortify your teams, and transform your organisational culture – let’s go!

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standard programmes  

Discover our range of Standard Programmes, carefully curated to meet some of the more typical client requirements swiftly and effectively.  These pre-designed offerings cater to various needs, so if you need your team to develop inspiring and impactful leadership behaviours; introduce a coaching-style approach to leadership; or strengthen team dynamics, then one of our Standard Programmes could be the answer.

Whether you opt for our immersive full or half-day workshops, or one of our short and powerful masterclasses, rest assured that these programs have been carefully crafted, refined and perfected, and (schedules permitting) are pretty-much ready to go.  Choose whether you want these sessions to be delivered either in-person or online to accommodate yours and your employees’ working arrangements.

Empower your organisation with our proven Standard Programmes and witness rapid performance growth and success.

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consultancy and bespoke delivery

When faced with more complex challenges, we embark on a more collaborative journey with you to address the specific issues you are encountering.  Drawing from our wealth of experience & expertise, we scope and tailor a comprehensive programme of support, typically spanning anywhere from 3 to 12 months.   These specifically designed interventions blend a range of support, ensuring a thorough and holistic approach to address your unique organisational needs.

We maintain regular engagement with you throughout, continuously reviewing progress and fine-tuning strategies to ensure you get the results you need.  Our commitment to excellence and improvement culminates in a comprehensive feedback and evaluation report providing you with valuable insights, recommendations and results.

Each programme is different, but our approach is underpinned by a  structured framework, assuring you of our consistent support and guidance at every step.  These are by no means “quick-fix” solutions, but with us at your side, you can be assured of a sustainable result.

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intensive support packages  

Unlock your team's potential with our intensive one-to-one support packages. Whether it's keeping key staff focused & motivated, supporting individual performance, or seeking personal clarity, coaching is the key to unleashing the potential within.

Our experienced coaches cover a wide range of specialisms, each equipped with hundreds of hours' worth of expertise, ensuring the perfect match for you or your staff's needs.  

We match each individual with the most appropriate coach from our team, ensuring that there are clear objectives and a framework of support in place before we even begin.  Most people start with 3-4 appointments over a three to six-month timeframe, with regular reviews and check-ins along the way.

With Tallant Jones by your side, empower yourself and your teams to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results both for themselves and for the organisation.  Let us be your catalyst for lasting transformation and personal growth.

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spotlight on...spotlight

We are now proud providers of the Spotlight performance-based behavioural assessment tool.  Using research backed methodologies grounded in sports psychology, the Spotlight assessment tool is the go-to psychometric tool to help us understand our mindset and behaviours around performance. 

The beauty of the Spotlight profile is the recognition that it is just the starting-point on a journey to discovering when and how we can perform at our best.  When used in a team-setting, it can help to unlock the missing components of a team and provide all team members with a unique understanding of what brings out the best in each and everyone one of them.

Discover how the Spotlight assessment tool can elevate your team's performance and unleash that untapped potential—embark on a new era of success by delving into the remarkable possibilities it holds.

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